Management of luxury boats and ships thanks to an experienced and qualified team capable of offering a wide range of services to meet the needs of the most demanding properties.

In Gibian & Shark we understand that no two yachts are the same. Our management services are specifically designed to meet the needs of each owner, helping them to get the best out of their yacht.

Today’s large yachts are sophisticated and complex and their operation requires knowledge and high standards of skill found in the management of commercial ships.

Gibian & Shark has extensive experience in dealing with the daily problems related to the operation of large yachts and we are qualified to offer a complete range of management services that can be included in a series of different packages in order to meet the needs of the owner .


Gibian & Shark provides tailored insurance for yachts and crew. Our insurance desk allows complete protection from risks, stormy seas, unpredictable events. An experienced team, capable of obtaining competitive quotes as well as providing support and assistance from start to finish in the event of an accident.

Management and insurance
Yacht support

Technical support

Gibian & Shark supports the owners of luxury yachts during the maintenance of their boat, assists and collaborates with shipyards and the competent bodies, manages the activities related to the change of flag, renewal of statutory certificates, licenses, classifications, management refits, periodic inspections.

Logistics and transfers

Gibian & Shark deals with the transfer of boats all over the world, it also provides the service of finding and shipping spare parts, customs management, purchase of fuel, consumables and supplies.

Logistica e trasferimenti
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